Spokane Tribe Casino Continues Construction Despite Lawsuit

Spokane Tribe Casino Continues Construction Despite Lawsuit

Despite two pending lawsuits, construction on a $400 million casino and retail task by the Spokane Tribe will move forward, according to tribal officials. The facility, announced in 2006, could just take up to 10 years to complete, no matter what the action that is legal.

Spokane Tribe Chairwoman, Carol Evans said construction in the $400 million casino project will carry on despite two lawsuits that are pending.

Tuesday, the 3 county commissioners voted unanimously to sue the United States Interior Department in an effort to block the development located in Airway Heights, a suburb nine miles from the 2nd city that is largest in Washington State.

The other lawsuit is from the Kalispel Tribe, which own and operate the Northern Quest Casino approximately two miles from the proposed site.

They reported in their filing aided by the federal court that Spokane Tribe Casino ‘will have a devastating affect Northern Quest, which funds nearly all of the Kalispel Tribe’s government operations.’

Group Touts Facility’s Benefits

The tribe that is rival adamant that its plans will continue and they believe they will have gone through the required procedures to build. Spokane Tribe Chairwoman Carol Evans told the Associated Press she was ‘saddened by the lawsuit’ but said construction will not be halted.

The company held a task fair, Wednesday, to begin hiring the anticipated 5,000 employees. Besides the casino, the 145-acre projec Continue reading “Spokane Tribe Casino Continues Construction Despite Lawsuit”

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